The leadership of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs is pleased to offer a Wellness at Work program for DCRA employees.

We firmly believe that quality health plays an important role in the success of our agency and we are laying the foundation for a healthier work environment through program implementation.

Within the past month, we conducted a survey of all employees to assess what programs will mostly benefit your health and well-being. The purpose of this survey was to obtain employee input on your needs and interests. Your answers were used in deciding which programs to offer and when to offer them. The Wellness program committee members have been identified and the first committee meeting is being scheduled.

For this coming year, the following major activities will be offered:
  • Wellness workshops and fairs for all employees.
  • A wellness newsletter.
  • A series of weekly wellness facts and tips.
I will be responsible for managing the Wellness at Work program. I am personally excited about this new program, and I am very pleased that our agency is embarking on this new course towards wellness.

Please join with me in supporting this new program effort.

Tania Williams

Wellness at Work Program Coordinator